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Digido - Fast online loan Philippines?

  • Amount 1000₱ up to 25000₱


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We will send the requested amount immediately after confirmation of the contract. From there, it depends on your bank. Normally, the transfer takes place within a period of up to 2 days. Or less than 24 hours if you will use Cebuana Cash Pick-up or a G-cash account. What to do if Digido's messages do not arrive?

  • Telephone (02) 8876-84-84


Any financial company that wants to trade within the Philippines is required by law to operate using the corresponding permit. The Securities and Exchange Commission, or rather as it is known by its acronym SEC, is the main authority responsible for granting this type of service to financial and banking entities. On the sec.gov.ph website you can find a list of companies which can be trusted by consumers.

The Digido financial institution is one of the best financial institutions in the country that grants online loans within the Philippine market.

Therefore, this financial entity is reliable and works within our legal framework. It has passed the necessary inspections by the supervisory authority to be able to grant credit and loans to its users.


How much credit does Digido offer?

The Philippine company Digido is a financial entity that grants loans and credit to its users. The minimum amount that can be requested is PHP 1,000 and the maximum amount that can be requested is PHP 10,000. It can be repaid within 7 to 180 days.


Requirements to request a loan through Digido

If you wish to apply for a loan through this Philippine financial institution, you must meet at least the following minimum conditions in order to be a beneficiary of a loan:

  • You must be aged between 21 and 70 years old. The financial institution does not accept clients under 21 years of age.
  • You must have Philippine nationality. Loans are not usually granted to foreigners through this financial entity.
  • You must have recurring income that can be demonstrated through official employment or another type of stable source of income.
  • A valid government-issued identification card must also be presented.
  • Finally, you must have a valid mobile phone number.


As you can see, the Philippines digital requirements are quite simple and you can access one of these loans if you have a low salary.


How to apply for the first Digido loan?

If you want to take advantage of a loan from 1,000 to 10,000 PHP, you only have to go through the official website of this company, which is digido.ph, to be able to receive a credit offer.

On the official website of the financial institution you will find an online calculator where you can comfortably simulate your loan. You just have to calculate the amount of money you need and send your phone number to apply for your loan.

Then, you just have to wait for the financial institution to contact you to find out if your credit has been approved or not.


How do I cancel the Digido loan?

You must bear in mind that if you have already signed your loan agreement with Digido via SMS, you will not be able to cancel it. The money will be sent to your bank account immediately. The only option left for you was to repay the loan as soon as possible. It is only possible to cancel the loan before the contract is signed.


Interest rates with Digido

When it comes to interest rates, compared to other financial institutions or banks in the Philippines, Digido's interest rates are very low. The company says that the annual rate does not exceed 143%, while the interest rate of the first loan for new Digido clients is 0%.

It is worth benefiting from an offer with this financial institution if you are not a client and it is the first time you are going to apply for a loan.


How do I use Digido's online loan calculator?

In order to begin the process, you only have to use the credit simulator or calculator that you can find on the official website of the financial institution.

Once you have calculated the amount of money you need, you will be able to see the interest rate in addition to the total cost of the loan.


How do I increase the Digido loan limit?

If you wish to increase the loan limit that Digido has granted you, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must pay your loans on time to be able to benefit from a new offer.
  • You should not have overdue debts such as other loans with other companies.
  • You should always provide updated personal information when you reapply for your loan.
  • You must apply for your loan in the same company so that they consider you a client and in this way increase your loyalty towards them and they make new offers available to you.


How can Digido Philippines loan be repaid?

Digido loan payment can be done in many ways. You can choose the most convenient according to your particular needs. The most popular is doing it through Gcash or by bank transfer.


Can an extension of the Digido loan be requested?

If you want to extend the Digido loan, you may be concerned about the following question: 

Can you request a credit extension?

The answer is yes. You can request a loan extension at any time as long as it is before the payment date. You can extend the loan for periods of 7, 14, 21 or 30 days. But you must bear in mind that the extension of credit and requesting an extension will entail an additional fee on the total amount of your loan.


What happens if I have an unpaid loan with Digido?

If you have an unpaid loan at this financial institution, it is best to notify customer services urgently.


Digido customer service

You can contact the customer service of the Digido.ph company at the following telephone number: (02) 8876 - 84-84 during extended business hours every day from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.


Are there promotions for new customers with Digido?

As in any other financial institution, with Digido you can take advantage of  new offers that are usually offered as promotions to new customers. In this case, you can obtain the first loan of up to 7 days at 0% interest.

 In order not to miss out on the promotions carried out by this company, you can subscribe to one of the groups in which the financial institution is present to keep up to date with the latest news.


Advantages of requesting credit with Digido

The advantages of requesting a loan through Digido are the following:

  • You only have to complete one online loan application. 
  • You only have to wait 20 minutes to find out if your request is approved or not.
  • You can get your money instantly.