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1000 to 50000 as the first loan amount at an interest rate of 0.01% if you repay the loan on time and this may vary depending on the loan settlement period. Lenders offer different loan repayment terms with discounts

Being a citizen of Sri Lanka above 18 years of age (personal passport is essential)

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) varies from 4 to 916%. Your credit score does not affect the loan decision. The annual percentage rate ranges from 4 to 916%. If you do not repay the loan on time, you will have to pay a penalty of 0.1% of the loan amount that you need to repay.

  • Email info@infinsa.com
  • Telephone +36202114538


Binixo offers a user-friendly and efficient online loan service, providing individuals with the opportunity to obtain loans ranging from 1000 to 50,000 rupias at an incredibly low-interest rate of 0.01%. The straightforward application process ensures that users can access funds within 15 minutes, making it an excellent option for those in need of quick financial assistance.


Advantages of Binixo

One of the notable features of Binixo is the flexibility it offers in choosing the loan amount and terms. Users can select the desired loan amount, ranging from 1000 to 50,000 rupias, depending on their specific financial needs. The transparent interface displays a clear breakdown of the repayment options, allowing borrowers to make informed decisions.


The application process is simple and can be completed online. Users are required to choose the loan amount, fill out the loan application, and, upon approval, receive the funds promptly. This streamlined approach ensures a hassle-free experience for individuals seeking immediate financial support.


How much could I get from Binixo online loans?

Binixo emphasizes promptness and efficiency, with a commitment to disbursing funds quickly. The company's high approval rate reflects its dedication to assisting a wide range of applicants. Whether one needs 1500, 2000, or any amount up to 50,000 rupias, Binixo ensures that borrowers can access the required funds swiftly.


The key highlight is the incredibly low interest rate of 0.01%, making Binixo a cost-effective solution for those who pay back their loans on time. It's important to note that the interest rate may vary based on the loan settlement period. 


Additionally, Binixo collaborates with various lenders, each offering different repayment conditions and potential discounts, providing borrowers with options to suit their financial situation.


Terms and Conditions of Binixo online loans

Binixo.lk offers a convenient and transparent platform for individuals in Sri Lanka seeking short-term loans. With a maximum credit amount ranging from රු 1,000 to රු 50,000, the platform ensures that users can access the funds they need for various financial requirements. Here's an in-depth look at the terms and conditions:


One of the standout features of Binixo.lk is the quick and user-friendly service it provides for selecting loan amounts and terms. The platform's intuitive interface allows borrowers to navigate effortlessly through the loan application process, making it accessible to a wide range of users.


Binixo.lk boasts a high approval rate, ensuring that individuals have a good chance of getting their loan applications approved. This is particularly beneficial for those facing urgent financial situations, as the platform prioritizes efficiency without compromising on reliability.


The short-term loan option with a 0% interest rate for the first loan is a compelling offer. The maximum first credit amount of රු 50,000 provides flexibility for borrowers with varying financial needs. The interest rate conditions for the first loan are favorable, making it an attractive option for those looking for a cost-effective solution.


The provided example of a loan amount of Rs 1000 with a repayment period of 3 months and an APR of 48% demonstrates transparency in the disclosure of terms. The final loan repayment amount is clearly calculated, giving borrowers a clear understanding of the total repayment obligation.


Customer support Binixo Sri Lanka

At Infinsacom Kft., they prioritize delivering exceptional customer support to ensure a seamless experience for their valued users. Whether customers have inquiries, require assistance, or wish to provide feedback, the dedicated customer support team is here to help.


For prompt and personalized assistance, customers can reach out via phone at +36202114538. The customer support hotline is available during business hours, and the team is committed to addressing concerns with efficiency and professionalism. They understand the importance of clear communication, and their representatives are well-equipped to guide users through any queries they may have.


Additionally, customers can connect with them through email at info@infinsa.com. The email support is available around the clock, allowing users to get in touch at their convenience. Whether customers have questions about products, need assistance with account-related matters, or want to share their thoughts, the team is ready to provide timely and informative responses.


At Infinsacom Kft., they believe in building strong relationships with their users, and the customer support channels are designed to reinforce this commitment. Users can trust them to be their reliable partner in addressing any concerns or inquiries they may have. Satisfaction is their priority, and they look forward to serving customers with excellence.